Teenagers (15-18 yrs)

The teenage years can be some of the most confusing and challenging years of one’s life. Usually, the schedule of a teenager is very full, making training challenging. Because of how challenging these years are, we think training is even more important, not less. The exercise and meditation provide relief against hormones and stress. The sense of self-one develops aids against peer pressure. As well, what better ally’s to go through the high school years then a peer group of black belts.  Our curriculum has four parts to advance to each new belt, leading eventually to black belt.

these are the techniques used in everyday life against assaults used by bullies or attackers at school or in public. They incorporate simple and direct methods of defending against attacks common in our day and age.

Traditional Techniques;
these techniques are somewhere between 100s to 1000s of years old. They have been cultivated through generations of masters seeking the highest level of mind, body, and will connection. Many of these techniques focus more on self-mastery rather than on defeating others. The idea is that a highly coordinated, harmonious, physically fit person who has developed a strong sense of character may avoid conflict that others may fall victim to.

Sparring and Pad kicking;
these techniques are when a student will actually engage there strikes and blocks on other trained students wearing protective gear or practice kicking stands and punching bags. This is critical for developing an understanding on distance, impact, timing, and power. Sparring with other students does not begin until the student has gained a basic level of competence in the martial arts, usually about 6 months.

Physical Fitness and meditation;
a person’s priority in defending themselves against attackers or simple challenges in life is to be strong, fast, agile, balanced, and flexible. We dedicate a large portion of every class pursuing these attributes using modern sports science and exercises. We also conclude every class with meditation and encourage students to practice meditation at home.