Lotus Blossom School of Martial Arts


At Lotus Blossom Martial arts, we use traditional martial art training methods to challenge and thereby strengthen students mind, body, and will. As students develop their self-defense skills, confidence and calmness arrive naturally. The movements of martial arts condition the body and connect the mind developing coordination with physical fitness. As students abilities grow, they become more comfortable in their skin, allowing greater relaxation throughout all other activities.


As students learn and perform complex multi-sequence techniques, they develop a stronger connection between there physical self and there conscious self, this allows for greater coordination throughout all aspects of one’s life.


Martial arts classes for kids, youth, teenagers, families, and adults

Belt Curriculum

Belt testing from white to 7th degree black belt.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps: June 17-21, July 15-19, and August 5-9

Lotus Blossom School Principles



The ability to focus on what you wish to achieve, creating mental energy that powers you into action. To still one’s mind, and see clearly your path. These are the goals a martial artist strives to accomplish through practice and meditation. At Lotus Blossom Martial Arts every class has an element designed to help our students gain mastery over one’s mind.



The ability to take command over one’s physical form, to make your body move as you wish. To be quick, balanced, strong, flexible, and agile. As one accomplishes these attributes, we literally become more comfortable in our own skin, raising both confidence, and calmness. At Lotus Blossom Martial Arts, every class will strengthen and stretch our students’ bodies.



The ability to harness your emotional self, to channel your Will and accomplish your goals despite opposition. To learn how to pick yourself up after every time you get knocked down. To prepare yourself, so you are unafraid of the unexpected, and to understand the value of oneself and of others. At Lotus Blossom Martial Arts, every class will enforce a student’s self-worth and personal power.

Class Schedule

Membership Options for kids, youth, adults, and family.